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the 11TH Annual
"Halloween Spooktacular"



join us for 123 hours of Ghosts,
goblins, spooks and other
halloween thrills!





tuesday October 27th

9:00pm Woo Hoo Wednesday

“Halloween Preview”

w/Helen and Johnny Holmes



wednesday October 28th

The hall of fantasy marathon
with johnny holmes

02/13/47 The Perfect Script
03/06/47 Death in the Bayous
04/03/47 The Judge's House
04/10/47 Man Sized in Marble
04/24/47 Markheim
05/01/47 The Mark of Shame
03/11/50 He Who Follows Me
03/18/50 The Beast with Red Eyes
08/22/52 The Castle of Lavoca

09/05/52 The Shadow People
09/19/52 The Steps That Follow Me
01/05/53 The Hangman's Rope
01/19/53 The Cask of Amontillado
01/26/53 The Black Figurene of Death
02/02/53 The Silver Flask
02/09/53 The Dance of the Devil Dolls
03/09/53 The Masks of Ashor
03/23/53 The Night the Fog Came
FILLER  Strange Dr. Weird: 03/13/45 #19 The Two Faces Of Death

04/06/53 The Return from Death
04/13/53 Demon of the Night
04/20/53 Out of the Sky
04/27/53 The Wild Huntsman
05/04/53 Idol of Cromm Cruac
05/11/53 Spectre of Denston Castle
05/18/53 The Crawling Thing
05/25/53 The Twisting Weeds of Death
06/01/53 The Telltale Heart
FILLER  Strange Dr. Weird: 03/20/45 #20 The Man Who Knew Everything

06/08/53 The Hand of Botar
06/15/53 The Jewels of Kali
06/22/53 The Marquise of Death
06/29/53 The Temple of Huizilipochile
07/06/53 The Man in Black
07/20/53 The Treasure of Kublai Khan
07/27/53 The Automaton
08/03/53 The Golden Braclet of Amoniris
08/10/53 The Man From the Second Earth
FILLER  Strange Dr. Weird: 03/27/45 #21 He Woke Up Dead

08/17/53 Stone's Revenge
08/24/53 The Sea Phantom
08/31/53 Diamonds of Death
09/21/53 The Shadow People
10/05/53 The Dance of the Devil Dolls
10/12/53 The Sea Phantom
10/19/53 The Return from Death
10/26/53 He Who Follows Me
11/02/53 The Temple of Huizilipochile
FILLER  Strange Dr. Weird: 04/03/45 #22 The Devil's Caverns

11/09/53 The Telltale Heart
11/16/53 The Crawling Thing
11/23/53 The Masks of Ashor
11/30/53 Diamonds of Death
12/07/53 The Shadow People
12/14/53 The Silver Flask
12/21/53 The Night the Fog Came
12/28/53 The Black Figurene of Death
01/04/54 The Cask of Amontillado
FILLER  Strange Dr. Weird: 05/08/45 #27 Murder, One Million BC


thursdsay October 29th



12:00a Life of Riley: 10/29/44 #042 Halloween Haunted House
12:30a Great Gildersleeve: 04/20/49 #324 Haunted House
01:00a Father Knows Best: 10/26/50 Cemetery
01:25a Halls of Ivy: 11/07/51 Halloween
02:00a Jack Benny: Halloween 1937
02:25a Our Miss Brooks: 10/31/48 Halloween
02:55a Lights Out: Taking Papa Home (Arch Obler Drop Dead LP)

03:00a Nebbs: 10/29/45 Halloween Surprise
03:30a Jack Benny: 10/29/39 Masquerade Party
04:00a Great Gildersleeve: 10/31/43 Halloween Party
04:30a Lum & Abner: 10/31/44 Halloween Pranks
04:40a Lights Out: Chicken Heart (Arch Obler Drop Dead LP)
04:48a Bill Cosby: Chicken Heart
05:00a Sealtest Variety Theater: 10/28/45 w/Boris Karloff
05:30a Charlie McCarthy: 10/28/45 w/Boris Karloff
06:00a Bob & Ray: 10/28/48 How to Have Fun On Halloween
06:30a Father Knows Best: 10/29/53 Halloween Blues

07:00a Jack Benny: 11/02/41 Halloween Celebration
07:30a My Favorite Husband: 10/28/49 Halloween Surprise Party
08:00a Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/24/39 Gildy's Halloween Party
08:30a Great Gildersleeve: 10/29/47 Halloween Party
09:00a Archie: 10/30/48 Halloween Party
09:30a Aldrich Family: 10/31/40 Halloween
10:00a Jack Benny: 10/30/38 Jack Throws a Halloween Party
10:25a Cask of Amontillado: 03/09/52 w/Peter Lorre
10:30a Ozzie & Harriet: 10/31/48 Halloween

11:00a Weird Circle: 05/07/44 #37 The Werewolf
11:30a Hermit's Cave: Hanson’s Ghost
12:00a Hall of Fantasy: 1953 Dance of the Devil Dolls
12:24a Hall of Fantasy: 03/09/53 The Masks of Ashor
12:46a Lights Out: 12/22/42 The Meteor Man
1:14p Mysterious Traveler: 06/14/49 #208 No Grave Can Hold
1:42p Quiet Please: 10/27/47 #21 Donít Tell Me About Halloween
02:06p Quiet Please: 11/03/47 #22 Take Me to the Graveyard
02:30p Suspense: 03/27/60 #846 Coffin For Mr. Cash w/Leon Janney

Classic Monsters
w/Chris Holm
Weird Circle: 04/29/45 #74 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Creeps By Night: 05/16/44 The Walking Dead
Dark Fantasy: 02/13/42 #13 W is for Werewolf
Haunting Hour: 1945 #04 Ptolemy’s Grave
Hermit’s Cave: The Vampire’s Desire
Suspense: #601 Frankenstein w/Stacy Harris, Herb Butterfield


Summers Time

Halloween Special 2016

w/Kate and Charlie Summers
Aldrich Family: 10/31/40
Suspense 06/01/44  Fuge in c Minor w/Vincent Price and Ida Lapino
Mercury Theater: 07/11/38 #01 Dracula
Suspense: 12/05/46 House in Cypress Canyon
Ozzie & Harriet: 10/31/48 Haunted House

Scary Sci-fi
w/Chris Holm
Suspense: 05/18/44 Donovan's Brain Part 01
Suspense: 05/25/44 Donovan's Brain Part 02
Lights Out: 02/16/43 Meteor Man
Suspense: 11/19/61 Black Door
Dimension X: 07/14/50 Man in the Moon
Theater Five: 11/24/64 The Talkers



friday October 30th



Let's Have a Seance
09:00a This is Your FBI: 06/04/48 The Unhappy Medium
09:30a Fat Man: 07/22/49 Murder is the Medium
10:00a Johnny Dollar: 05/14-18/56 Matter of the Medium Well Done
11:00a Jack Benny: 04/25/54 Jack and the Gang Hold a Sťance
11:30a Houdini Sťance: 10/31/36

12:00p Johnny Dollar: 05/28/58 Ghost to Ghost Matter
12:25p Witch's Tale: 10/19/37 #302 Four Fingers and a Thumb
12:45p Escape: 11/05/47 Evening Primrose
01:15p Quiet Please: 08/09/48 The Thing on the Fourable Board
01:45p Mercury Theater: 10/30/38 #017 War of the Worlds
02:45p Strange Dr. Weird: 02/13/45 #15 The Secret Room

"Fright Night"
(As presented at the Daily Grind in Mount Holly, NJ)
w/Johnny and Helen Holmes
Lights Out: 08/24/43 #318 Sub-Basement
Hall of Fantasy: 1953 Dance of the Devil Dolls
Mysterious Traveler: 02/27/44 #13 The Good Die Young


Summers Time

Halloween Special 2018

Weird Circle: 11/12/44 The Returned

Halls of Ivy: 11/07/51 Halloween

Hermit's Cave: Hanson's Ghost

Jack Benny: 10/31/37 Halloween

Sam Spade: 10/31/48 #123 Fairly Bright Caper

Lights Out: 05/11/38 It Happened in Paris


Remembering the Hall of Fantasy
w/Johnny Holmes
Hall of Fantasy: The Sea Phantom
Hall of Fantasy: He Who Follows Me
Hall of Fantasy: The Masks of Ashor
Hall of Fantasy: The Man From the Second Earth
Hall of Fantasy: The Crawling Thing



Mercury Theater: 07/11/38 #01 Dracula



War of the Worlds LIVE Special



05:00p (BBC) War of the Worlds: 06/09/67 Part 01 The Red Planet
05:27p (BBC) War of the Worlds: 06/16/67 Part 02 The Heat Ray
05:54p (BBC) War of the Worlds: 06/23/67 Part 03 The Fighting Machines
06:20p (BBC) War of the Worlds: 06/30/67 Part 04 The Black Smoke
06:46p (BBC) War of the Worlds: 07/07/67 Part 05 The Red Weed
06:14p (BBC) War of the Worlds: 07/14/67 Part 06 The Bacillus
06:40p Strange Dr. Weird: 01/09/45 #10 Murder Ship

07:00p Lux Radio Theater: 02/08/55 #910 War of the Worlds
w/Dana Andrews, Pat Crowley

8:00p War of the Worlds Documentary
Mercury Theater: #017 10/31/38 War of the Worlds

10:00p WKBW: War of the Worlds 10/31/68
11:30p Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds Musical



saturday October 31st



12:48a I Love a Mystery: Temple of Vampires 01/22-02/16/40
03:00a Frankenstein: Original Serial 1931
04:55a Boris Karloff: Call at Midnight

05:00a Mysterious Traveler: 11/06/51 #329 Behind The Locked Door
05:30a Hall of Fantasy: 01/19/53 The Cask of Amontillado
05:55a Lights Out: 08/24/43 #318 Sub-Basement
06:18a Escape: 01/14/48 Leiningen vs. the Ants
06:48a Weird Circle: 08/29/43 #01 The Fall Of The House Of Usher
07:14a Mystery in the Air: 08/21/37 #03 The Horla
07:42a Strange Dr. Weird: 04/03/45 #22 The Devil's Cavern
07:55a Boris Karloff: Don't Lose Your Head

08:00a Inner Sanctum: 12/18/45 The Undead
08:26a Mysterious Traveler: 02/27/44 The Good Die Young
08:56a Witch's Tale: The Devil Mask
09:20a Hall of Fantasy: Hangman's Rope
09:47a Lights Out: 10/13/42 Revolt Of The Worms
10:10a Weird Circle: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
10:37a Macabre: 11/13/61 Final Resting Place
11:07a Lights Out: 10/20/42 Poltergeist (Gravestone)
11:32a Inner Sanctum: 01/08/46 #253 The Creeping Wall

Radio Monsters

w/Chris Holm

A Collection of broadcasts featuring

scary monsters.Plus, movie trailers from

great horrific thrillers.


03:00p Inner Sanctum: 11/12/45 The Wailing Wall  w/Boris Karloff
03:30p Mercury Summer Theater: 06/21/46 The Hitchhiker
04:00p Lights Out: 12/29/42 Valse Triest
04:30p Hall of Fantasy:  He Who Follows Me
04:55p Boris Karloff: The Man in the Raincoat

05:00p Saturday Night Jukebox
Halloween Special  


8pm-12am Halloween Spooktacular LIVE Show
w/Gary Lowe, Ken Stockinger, Helen and Johnny Holmes,
and Neal Ellis


sunday november 1st
  A Day of Holmsey Haunts

Holmsey House of Mystery #007
Mysterious Traveler: 09/24/44 #042 Death Laughs Last
Whistler: 10/04/42 #021 The Urge To Kill
Lights Out: 01/26/43 #288 Protective Mr. Drogen
Hall of Fantasy: 03/11/50 He Who Follows Me
Mystery House: 05/05/46 #116 The Composite Killer
Suspense: 09/30/42 #014 One Hundred in the Dark w/Eric Dressler, Alice Frost
EXTRA Strange Dr. Weird: 11/14/44 #02 Summoning Of Shandor

Holmsey House of Mystery #008
Mysterious Traveler: 01/06/45 #055 They Who Sleep
Whistler: 10/11/42 #022 Malice
Lights Out: 02/02/43 #289 Until Dead
Hall of Fantasy: 08/22/52 The Castle of Lavoca
Mystery House: 05/12/46 #117 Murder Me Gently
Suspense: 10/27/42 #015 Lord Of The Witch Doctorsw/Eric Dressler, Alice Frost
EXTRA Strange Dr. Weird: 01/02/45 #09 The Tiger Cat

Holmsey House of Mystery #009
Mysterious Traveler: 03/10/45 #064 Case Of Charles Foster
Whistler: 10/18/42 #023 Death Comes At Midnight
Lights Out: 02/09/43 #290 He Dug It Up
Hall of Fantasy: 09/05/52 The Shadow People
Mystery House: 05/19/46 #118 Murder is an Accident
Suspense: 11/03/42 #016 The Devil In The Summer House w/Martin Gabel
EXTRA Strange Dr. Weird: 01/09/45 #10 Murder Ship

Holmsey House of Mystery #010
Mysterious Traveler: 03/24/45 #066 Death Comes For Adolf Hitler
Whistler: 10/25/42 #024 The Alibi
Lights Out: 02/16/43 #291 Oxychloride X
Hall of Fantasy: 09/19/52 The Steps That Follow Me
Mystery House: 05/26/46 #119 Bury Me Not
Suspense: 11/10/42 #017 Will You Make A Bet With Me
w/Michael Fitzmaurice, Lesley Woods
EXTRA Strange Dr. Weird: 11/21/44 #03 Journey Into The Unknown

Holmsey House of Mystery #011
Mysterious Traveler: 08/25/46 #074 Death Is The Visitor
Whistler: 11/15/42 #027 Apparition
Lights Out: 02/23/43 #292 They Met At Dorset
Hall of Fantasy: 01/05/53 The Hangman's Rope
Mystery House: 05/31/46 #120 Killing in the Market
Suspense: 11/17/42 #018 Menace In Wax w/Joseph Julian
EXTRA Calling All Detectives: #334 The Famous Stillwell Diamond

Holmsey House of Mystery #12
Mysterious Traveler:  09/01/46 #075 No One On The Line
Whistler: 11/22/42 #028 The Other Woman
Lights Out: 03/02/43 #293 The Sea
Hall of Fantasy: 01/19/53 The Cask of Amontillado
Mystery House: 06/14/46 #122 Bases Loaded
Suspense: 11/24/42 #019 The Body Snatchers
EXTRA Calling All Detectives: #234 Jerry Investigates a Lighthouse

Holmsey House of Mystery #13
Mysterious Traveler: 12/29/46 #084 If You Believe
Whistler: 11/29/42 #029 Avarice
Lights Out: 03/09/43 #294 The Ball
Hall of Fantasy: 01/26/53 The Black Figurene of Death
Mystery House: 06/14/46 #122 Bases Loaded
Suspense: 12/01/42 #020 The Bride Vanishes
EXTRA Calling All Detectives: #353 Dead Man is Using
a Coin Operated Typewriter


Holmsey House of Mystery #14

Mysterious Traveler: 01/05/47 #085 New Year's Nightmare

Whistler: 12/13/42 #031 The Accounting

Lights Out: 03/16/43 #295 The Dream

Hall of Fantasy: 02/02/53 The Silver Flask

Mystery House: 06/21/46 #123 Time to Kill

Suspense: 12/15/42 #021 'Til Death Do Us Part w/Peter Lorre, Alice Frost

EXTRA Calling All Detectives: #371 Tire Marks on a Dress


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