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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #1 (#122)  Jack Benny Spoofs
Fred Allen: 12/20/42 w/Rise Stevens
Jack Benny: 02/12/50 Will TV Replace Radio?
Whistler: 09/03/44 Practically Foolproof
Jack Benny: 10/20/46 The Fiddler
Suspense: 08/21/43 Sorry Wrong Number
Jack Benny: 10/17/48 Sorry Wrong Number

Radio Once More #2 (#123) Nick Carter
Nick Carter: 01/22/44 Records of Death
Nick Carter: 01/15/44 Missing Harold Ascot
Interview with Lon Clark: 11/05/78
Nick Carter: 01/14/45 Murder By Fire
Nick Carter: 10/25/43 An Angle on Murder

Radio Once More #3 (#124) William Conrad
Our Miss Brooks: 03/13/49 Cafeteria Revolt
Suspense: 08/16/55 A Study in Wax
Escape: 02/08/48 Snake Doctor
Line Up: 01/18/51 The Goldberg Murder
Tales of the Texas: 02/04/51 #30 Logger's Larceny
Gunsmoke: 11/14/53 Professor Lute Bone

Radio Once More #4 (#125) Weddings
Father Knows Best: 06/28/51 Wedding Preparation
Life Of Riley: 02/13/44 Cissie's Marriage
Claudia: 10/01/47 #02 Wedding Presents
Claudia: 10/02/47 #03 Many Happy Returns
Flash Gordon: 10/26/35 #26 Flash & Dale are Married
Baby Snooks: 05/14/42 Driving Home from Wedding
The Marriage: 10/24/52 #01 How They Met
Four Star Theater: 08/28/49 Corey

Radio Once More #5 (#126) Babysitting
Our Miss Brooks: 11/14/48 Baby Sitting
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 12/12/48 #11 The Baby Sitter
Damon Runyon Theater: 01/16/49 #03 Butch Minds The Baby
Fibber McGee & Molly: 01/24/38   #146 McGee Minds A Baby
Great Gildersleeve: 11/02/41 #10  Minding the Baby
Great Gildersleeve: 03/28/51 #398 Leroy and Gildy Babysit the Twins
EXTRA  Vic & Sade:  09/14/42 Sadie & Ruthie Come Out Even

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