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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #01 (#203) Loretta Young on Lux radio Theater
Lux Radio Theater: 10/30/39 #235 The Old Maid w/Loretta Young, Miriam Hopkins
Lux Radio Theater: 05/13/40 #263 True Confessions w/Loretta Young, Fred MacMurray
Lux Radio Theater: 11/25/40 #283 Jezebel w/Loretta Young, Brian Donlevy

Radio Once More #02 (#204) Comedy Goes West
Jack Benny: 11/15/36 Buck Benny Pt. 01
Jack Benny: 11/22/36 Buck Benny Pt. 02
Fibber McGee & Molly: 06/20/44 Getting Ready for the Cattle Ranch
Milton Berle: 10/07/47 A Salute to the Old West
Philco Radio Time: 11/07/48 w/ "The Lone Ranger"
Screen Director's Playhouse: 03/03/50 The Paleface

Radio Once More #03 (#205) It's Locked
My Favorite Husband: 09/23/49 Locked in the Attic
Our Miss Brooks: 06/05/49 Key to the School
Fibber McGee & Molly: 06/23/42 Locked Suitcase
Archie: 11/06/48 Locked Out Of The House
Suspense: 01/27/44 The Locked Room
Mysterious Traveler: 11/06/51 Behind the Locked Door

Radio Once More #04 (#206) Alfred Hitchcock Pt. 01
Studio One: 03/23/48 The 39 Steps w/Glenn Ford
Lux Radio Theater: 12/02/51 Strangers on a Train w/Ray Milland
Screen Director’s Playhouse: 11/16/50 Lifeboat w/Tallulah Bankhead and Jeff Chandler

Radio Once More #05 (#207) Alfred Hitchcock Pt. 02
Screen Director’s Playhouse: 01/25/51 Spellbound W/Joseph Cotten and Mercedes McCambridge
Academy Award: 07/24/46 Foreign Correspondent w/Joseph Cotten
Academy Award: 09/11/46 Shadow of a Doubt w/Joseph Cotten
Lux Radio Theater: 01/26/48 Notorious  w/Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton

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