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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis


It's Baseball Week on
Radio Once More  w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #01 (#188)  Baseball Week Pt. 01
Welcome Back Baseball: 04/15/50 w/Crosby, Hope and Lamour
Cavalcade of America: 04/24/39 #162 The Baseball Centenary
Avalon Time: 10/11/39 World Series Game
Bob Hope: 03/11/41 w/Dizzy Dean
Screen Director's Playhouse: 04/14/50 It Happens Every Spring w/Ray Milland
Ellery Queen: 09/30/43 Adventure of the World Series Crime

Radio Once More #02 (#189)  Baseball Week Pt. 02
Lux Radio Theater: 10/04/43 Pride of the Yankees w/Gary Cooper
Jack Benny: 10/13/40  Phil Tries To Collect A World Series Bet
Life Of Riley: 05/01/48 Junior's Baseball Uniform
Lux Radio Theater: 04/19/37 Alibi Ike

Radio Once More #03 (#190)  Baseball Week Pt. 03
Eddie Cantor: 02/12/41 w/Joe DiMaggio
Philco Radio Time: 05/14/47 w/Groucho, Warren Brown and Hank Greenberg
Jack Benny: 06/20/48 Trip to Cleveland w/Bob Feller and Bob Hope
Family Theater: 06/15/49 The Scout
My Favorite Husband: 09/16/46 Liz & Iris Play Baseball

Radio Once More #04 (#191)  Baseball Week Pt. 04
Boston Blackie: 04/29/47 #107 Baseball and Gambling
Columbia Workshop: 09/28/46 The Day That Baseball Died
Biography in Sound: 10/04/55 #33 Leo The Lip w/Lorraine Day,
Larry McPhail, Branch Rickey,  Willie Mays, Dizzy Dean
Lux Radio Theater: 02/13/50 The Stratton Story

Radio Once More #05 (#192)  Baseball Week Pt. 05
Fred Allen: 04/14/46 The Brooklyn Pinafore  w/Leo Durocher
Jack Benny: 04/13/47 At the Baseball Game
Cavalcade of America: 04/15/46 #475 The Great McGraw
Screen Guild Players: 10/21/48 The Babe Ruth Story
Biography in Sound: 08/16/55 Babe Ruth
Bill Stern: 08/18/49 #486 Casey Stengel

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