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Summers Time
w/Kate and Charlie Summers

Summers Time #01 (#245)
Philip Marlowe: 10/03/48 #002 The Persian Slippers

Charlie McCarthy: 01/19/47 10th Anniversary Show

Sam Spade:  07/18/48 #108 The Missing Newshawk Caper

World News Today: 430912 British-Canadian Troops Widen Bridgehead

Johnny Dollar: 491105 #25 On The Island Of Tinutan , Or South Of The Equator Things Can Get Hot In More Ways Than One, Or Mother Call My Draft Board; I'm Leaving The Country Again

New Adventures of Nero Wolfe: 11/17/50 #05 The Careless Cleaner


Summers Time #02 (#073)

Crime Club: 04/24/47 #22 The Topaz Flower
Meet the Press: 08/03/52 Guest: Senator A.S. Mike Monroney, (D) Oklahoma
Jack Armstrong:  09/30/40 #1516 Luminous Dragon Eye Ring Adventure
Jack Armstrong: 10/01/40 #1517 Luminous Dragon Eye Ring Adventure
One Man's Family: 08/15/43 Book 47, Chap. 6; Further Preparations For Claudia's Departure

Summers Time #03 (#074)
You Bet Your Life: 12/20/50 #134 Secret Word: Floor
Campbell Playhouse: 06/02/39 #26 Victoria Regina
Suspense: 10/02/47 #265 The Story Of Markham's Death
w/Kirk Douglas, Joseph Kearns

Summers Time #04 (#075)

Lights Out: 05/25/43 #305 Little Old Lady
Dr. Christian: 12/06/44 #315 My Son
America Looks Abroad: 04/28/40 #24 The American Republics Face The War
America Looks Abroad: 05/12/40 #26 Germany Has Invaded Holland
Whitehall 1212: 04/20/52 #21 The Case Of Mrs. Manerva Bannerman

Summers Time #05 (#076)

 Planet Man: #02 Let's Orbit the Moon
Planet Man: #03 Dantro Explains the Use of the Cosmic Communicator
Planet Man: #05 Marston of Mars is Planning an Attack on Earth
Stan Freeberg: 08/11/57 #5 Flying Saucer, Lawrence Welk
Hopalong Cassidy: 12/30/50 #052 The Golden Lure
Theater Five: 08/10/64 #6 Rebellion Next Week

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