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The Vault

Vault #1 w/Gemma Watters (#142)
Our Miss Brooks: 10/31/48 Driving To Football Game
Life of Riley: 10/27/45 The Football Game
Chandu the Magician: 03/31/49 #9 The House Of Fear
Red Ryder: 03/03/42 Trouble at Boullion Bend
Suspense: 03/06/48 #287 In A Lonely Place w/Robert Montgomery, Lurene Tuttle

Vault #2 w/Neal Ellis (#143)
Dragnet: 06/28/53 #210  Big Ham
Gunsmoke: 03/29/59 #364 Laurie's Suitor
Wild Bill Hickok: 06/03/51 #02 The Missouri Kid
Bob Crosby Show: 07/03/46 Guest Victor Borge
Sealed Book: 06/10/45 #13 The Ghost Makers
Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/17/39 #218 Best Kept Lawn
EXTRA  Vic & Sade: 06/19/40 Vicís Wide Brimmed Hat

Vault #3 w/Jo Snyder (#144)
Dragnet: 09/21/54 #266 Big Try
Gunsmoke: 09/11/60  #440 About Chester
Columbia Presents Corwin: 05/16/44 New York: A Tapestry for Radio
Screen Guild Theater: 12/07/41 Between Americans with Orson Welles
We Hold These Truths: 10/04/09 12/15/41
EXTRA  Vic & Sade: 06/21/40 Hankís Job at Royal Throne Barbershop

Vault #4 w/Stacey Abbott (#145)
Dragnet: 08/25/49 #12 Blitz Bandits
Gunsmoke: 01/17/53 #39 Paid Killer
Nick Carter: 08/02/43 Glass Coffin
Screen Director's Playhouse: 08/05/49 Fort Apache
Lux Radio Theater: 12/15/52 #807 The African Queen

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