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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe


You Asked For It #01 (#060)
Sixshooter: 06/24/54 #39 Myra Barker

Gunsmoke: 05/24/59 Wagon Show

Witch's Tale: 10/19/37 Four Fingers and a Thumb

Hermit's Cave: Hanson's Ghost

Strange Dr. Weird: 04/03/45 #22 The Devil's Cavern

Jack Benny: 04/09/50 50 Cents to a Man Who Asked for a Dime

Luke Slaughter of Tombstone: 06/08/58 #015 Big Business


You Asked For It #02 (#061)
Bright Star: 11/27/52 #06 The Crooked Carnival

Saint: 07/31/49 The Saint Goes Underground

Music by Gershwin: 02/19/34 Program #01

Philip Marlowe: 10/08/49 #053 The Open Window

Fibber McGee & Molly: 02/11/41 #274 McGee Sells Watches

It's Higgins Sir: 07/17/51 #03 Mr. Roberts has a Car Accident

Fifth Horsemen: 08/01/46 #05 Zero Minus One


You Asked For It #03 (#062)
Mystery is My Hobby: #18 Mystery of the Burning Light

My Little Margie: 03/03/55 Miss Guided Missile Contest

Music by Gershwin: 04/30/34    

CBS World News: 11/01/42 Special Report with Elanor Roosevelt

Cavalcade of America: 10/18/43 #353 The General Wore Calico

Inner Sanctum: 03/07/43 #114 The Black Seagull  w/Peter Lorre

Johnny Dollar: 02/10/57 #525 The Templeton Matter

Five Minute Mystery: #065 The Weapon


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