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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It #01 (#068)
Gunsmoke 12/13/59 #401 Don Mateo
AFRS Story 01/01/53
Lone Ranger 12/04/42 #1540/753 Dynasty of Terror
You Bet Your Life 01/16/52 #177 Secret Word is Spoon
Crime Club 05/29/47 #27 Murder Makes A Mummy
Tales of the Texas Rangers 01/27/52 #063 Night Chase

You Asked For It #02 (#069)
Bright Star 12/04/52 George and the Chorus Girl
Johnny Dolllar 06/22/50 #55 The London Matter
Dragnet 05/22/52 #154 Big Shakedown
Marriage 11/15/53 #07 Liz Fights for a Traffic Light
My Friend Irma 11/29/48 Irma's Surprise Party
Great Gildersleeve 11/06/46 Pajama Party

You Asked For It #03 (#070)
Tales of the Texas Ranger 01/07/51 #026 Dead Head Freight
Suspense 02/03/49 #326 Back Seat Driver
Mysterious Traveler 07/02/44 #31 The Queen Of The Cats
One Night Stand 10/07/45 Duke Ellington Club Zanzibar NYC
John Steele, Adventurer 06/20/50 Shadow on the Snow
Abbott & Costello 01/20/44 Football Game w/Harold Perry

You Asked For It #04 (#071)
Family Theater 04/22/48 Eddie Meets the Family
Hall of Fantasy 09/05/52 The Shadow People
Black Museum 01/08/52 The Center Fire 32
Lights Out 02/16/38 Murder Castle
Year in Review 1944
Guess What  #02

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