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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It #01 (#116)
Bold Venture 05/28/51 #10 Sailor Framed for Murder
Dragnet 11/23/50 #76 Big Betty
Philip Marlowe 06/25/49 #39 The Key Man
Phil Harris/Alice 05/17/53 Pool for the Kids
Fibber McGee & Molly 01/19/54 Fibber Tries to Fix the Toaster
Charlie Chan  Marching Ants - Charlie is Ambushed
Great Gildersleeve 11/05/52 #469 Gildy vs. Golf

You Asked For It #02 (#117)
Crime Classics 07/13/53 #05 Terrible Deed of John White Webster and his Crime That Shocked the Nation
ABC Mystery Time 00/00/57 Four Time Loser
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen 12/10/47 #023 The Wandering Master and The Warlord At Rest
This is Civil Defense 1950s #02 Guardian Eyes
Vic and Sade 07/11/44 Donít Scrape Off the Watts
Lux Radio Theater 02/19/40 Made for Each Other w/Carole Lombard

You Asked For It #03 (#118)
Halls of Ivy 02/10/50 #96 The Snowman
A Date with Judy 02/06/45 w/Joseph Cotton
Challenege of the Yukon 134-03 01/24/48 #515 The Loyality of the Chief
Gunsmoke 07/19/52 #013 Doc Holiday
Escape 11/12/47 #014 The Youung Man with the Cream Tarts
Whistler 06/11/45 Death Pays a Visit w/Elliot Lewis

You Asked For It #04 (#119)
Our Miss Brooks 02/27/49 Away Basketball Game
Duffy's  01/04/44 w/Fred Allen
Gunsmoke 01/08/56 Doc's Revenge
Dangerous Assignment 04/05/50 Mine Disaster
Escape 08/16/53 13th Truck

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