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ABC's of Old Time Radio
w/Ken Stockinger and Neal Ellis



ABC’s Of OTR #01

ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 06)

Armstrong of the SBI: 06/28/51 Deadliest of the Species

Aldrich Family: 12/16/48 #442 Homer's Party

Answer Man: Skywriting

Adventures in Research: 11/21/44 #095 History Of the 1st Regular Radio Broadcast

Avalon Time: 09/23/39 #038 Asking For A Raise

Adventures of the Abbotts: 02/20/55 #020 The Yellow Chip

Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories:  09/21/39

Air Advetnures of Jimmie Allen: Program #1126


ABC’s Of OTR #02

ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 07

All Time Jukebox 08/14/45

Alan Freed's Rock 'n Roll Dance Party: #3 w/Lavern Baker and the Teenagers

Against the Storm:  07/02/40 Kathy is Unable to Sleep

Affairs of Dr. Gentry: 01/24/57 Will John Stand Behind Sandra

Afloat with Henry Morgan: 1947 #1 Morgan Accused Of Stealing An Aztec Necklace

American Weekly: 10/26/33 The Wild West of 1933

Americans at Work: 09/21/39 The Auctioneer

Amos n' Andy Music Hall: 11/25/60 Final Show

A Salute to the Law: 11/06/38 Murder in a Hospital


ABC’s Of OTR #03

ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 08

A Man Named Jordan: 04/11/45 Episode #68

A Quarter Century of Swing: 09/11/64 Progam #485

A Woman's Story:  11/18/44 Audition Show

A and P Gypsies: 1933 1st song "Its Just a Memory"

Amazing Nero Wolfe: 12/15/46 The Shakespeare Portfolio

Ann of the Airlanes: 1935 Aunt Hattie Stows Away

Abe Burrows Show: 10/21/47 More Sex Appeal

Adventures of Leonidas Witherall: 09/07/44 The Four Killers


ABC’s Of OTR #04

ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 09

AFRS Story: 01/01/53

At Ease: (AFRS)

AFRS Sports Reel: 1946  The 1917 World Series

Ace Williams: 1938 Duel with Don Carlos

Adventure of Captain Courage: 09/20/55 Episode #1

Adventure Parade: 02/10/47 Coalie Bay Outlaw

Adventure Trails: 03/22/46 Stampede on the Chisolm Trail

Adventure Incorporated: 07/12/48 Danger with Pappy Boyington

Adventures of Captain Jack: Episode #1041

Adventures of Horatio Hornblower: 07/07/52 #01 Horatio Deals with a Mad King


ABC’s Of OTR #05

ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 10

American Legion Junior Baseball: 1949 w/Stan Musial

Armed Forces Network: 11/11/68 End of WWI Anniversary Show

Adventures of Christopher London: 02/05/50 The Missing Heiress

Adv. of Charlie Lung: 05/29/48 Chap. 30 The Midnight Rendezous

Adventures of Rin Tin Tin: 11/13/55 The Ambassador

Alka Seltzer Time: 10/09/53

Armchair Adventures: The White Elephant

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