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Meet the Staff

Neal Ellis

Neal founded Radio Once More in 2009.
He has entertained audiences on various platforms
for more than 40 years.  Neal began playing old time radio on the air in May
of 1971 at WBJC-FM, a 50,000 watt station in Baltimore, Maryland.
 He has worked for numerous radio outlets as a program director,
music director, and engineer at the local and network levels.
Neal was the winner of the 1983 City Paper "Baltimore's Best AM Radio Personality."
He also was awarded the Allen Rockford Award 2010, Parley E. Baer Award 2011,
nd the Stone/Waterman Award 2011.

In addition to having fun on the radio, Neal was very involved in
Barbershop Harmony.  He directed men's and women's choruses to
Small and Intermediate Championships in both
SPEBSQSA and Harmony Inc.  Neal also coached and taught voice
to a capella groups.  He was named Barbershopper of the Year
in three different chapters.  He also served as chapter president and Music Vice President.

Ken Stockinger

Ken is the co-founder and "Co-host Emeritus" of Radio Once More.
He has been a collector of old time radio and sports memorabilia
for four decades.  Ken has one of the nation's largest collections
of radio baseball broadcasts.  He won the 2009 Allen Rockford
Award, the 2010 Parley E. Baer Award and the 2011
Stone/Waterman Award.  Ken co-hosts the LIVE show every other
Wednesday, and every Friday and Sunday.  He also hosts
"Heroes and Villians."

Terry Alley

Terry is a veteran broadcaster and is currently the
afternoon drive personality on WNAV in Annapolis, Maryland.
Terry hosts ROM's "The Vault."


Steven Cone

Steve is our official "History Guy"  and is a vaulable
member of the Radio Once More family.  His contributions
can be heard on almost every LIVE Show or on the Facebook.
He is a part of the team and is always ready to lend a hand.
Steve got interested in old time radio when he heard broadcasts
during the Christmas season during his youth.

Steve's love of history is very apparent. His family tree goes back
to Colquhoun Clan in Scotland.  His 9th great grandfather arrived
in America in 1652, relatives went west on wagon trains in the 1840's
and fought against each other in the "War Between the States."
He has had numerous relatives in the armed forces going back to
before the American Revolution.  Steve is involved in Civil War
living history, loves the outdoors: Hunting, Fishing, Camping,
College Football (Roll Tide) and all things nostalgic. He has
worked at Cracker Barrel Old Country Story for 22 years.
Steve was born in Alabama and has lived in Puerto Rico
and Mississippi and he currently resides in Tennessee.

Helen & Johnny Holmes

Helen & Johnny Holmes host the Live Show “Woo-Hoo Wednesday - At Home with Holmsey”
every other Wednesday.  Helen can also be heard on ‘Radio Once More’  hosting “More Funny Favorites”
while Johnny hosts “The Investigators”.  Helen & Johnny also host a live Old Time Radio
presentation entitled “An Evening of Old Time Radio” every other month
at the “Daily Grind” coffee house located in their hometown of Mount Holly, New Jersey.
 Helen is a Senior Claims Investigator with the Office of Unclaimed Property
in the New Jersey Department of Treasury where she has worked the past 10 years
and Johnny is an Auditor with the New Jersey Division of Taxation where he has worked
the past 26 years.  In addition to their contributions to ‘Radio Once More’, Helen & Johnny enjoy
traveling and attending various autograph/nostalgia conventions, National Parks, State Capitals,
and various other points of interest.  Helen & Johnny are honored and proud
to be part of the ‘Radio Once More’ family.

Brian Jarboe

Brian in an engineer with National Public Radio and he hosts "You Asked For It."
Brian worked at WCBM in Baltimore, Maryland as well as WJHU.
He was also a part of the Consultation Radio Network that produced the nationally syndicated
"Sunday Rounds" medical talk show.


Gary Lowe

Gary Lowe brings a love of vintage radio, movies and sports to Radio Once More.
He hosts the feature "Gary's Greats" a look at the golden years of sports announcers.
You can hear Gary on the LIVE show every Friday and Sunday.

Terry Salmonson
(Bob Bruchett (left) Terry (right)

Terry is the owner of Audio Classics Archive and hosts Audio Classics
weekedays from 9am-Noon on Radio Once More.  The program began
in St. Louis on 01/09/83 and aried for many years.  Terry also produced
Wireless Warehouse and The Inner Ear.  Terry taught a course on radio
history at Meramac Community College.

Terry became good friends with Fran Striker Jr. and gained access to many
of the transcriptions, scripts and other materials from the programs
produced by WXYZ in Detroit.

Terry was the recipient of the following awards:
Allen Rockford Award 1989
Stone/Waterman Award 2001
Parley E. Baer Award 2006
Dave Warren Award  2010
Ray Stanich Award 2010

Terry also co-authored The Green Hornet: A History of Radio,
Motion Pictures, Comics and Television

Jo Snyder

Jo is the host of "Inspired By", "The Crime Club",  "The Vault."
She is the force behind the dud (spelling is correct)
who runs this thing.  She is always there to help and pitch in for "what's his face"
Jo has coordinated the station's fundraisers and keeps us straight.

Charlie & Katie Summers

Katie Summers has been listening to old-time radio for as long
as she can remember, and probably before that. She regularly
attends OTR conventions around the country and with her father
has been interviewing guests to Ohio's Nostalgia Expo. She is
the proud recipient of the first annual Spirit Award from the
New York OTR Convention. Her father Charlie, whose proudest
moment was Kate telling him OTR is, "my hobby, too!"
is Listmaster of the popular Internet OTR Digest, and the
recipient of the 1999 Allen Rockford Award from the Friends
of Old-Time Radio, the 2007 Parley E. Baer Award
and the 2010 Stone/Watterman Award from the Cincinnati
OTR and Nostalgia Convention. They both love finding obscure
shows to share with each other and their listeners.

Charlie and Katie host Summers Time on ROM.


John Stupak

John has over four decades of broadcasting experience.  He was a talk show
host at WXYZ Detroit and WBAL in Baltimore.  He has hosted several network
porgrams including the internationally syndicated "Sunday Rounds."
John is our staff announcer and hosts The Radio Ranch.

Sharahn Thomas

Sharahn Thomas is Director of News Operations for NPR in Washington, DC.
She is responsible for resource management and the logistical coordination
of NPR’s six news magazine programs, 24 hour newscasts,
live/breaking news coverage, and major broadcast remotes.
In short, it’s her job to make sure that things run smoothly both
on and off the air.  Sharahn was born and raised in central
New Jersey.  She attended Hampton University where she obtained
a BA in Mass Media Arts.  Her broadcast career officially or unofficially
started in 1988 when she was tapped to do the morning announcements
at her high school.  She was a hit with her funny commentaries on school life
 and witty sign-offs. She’s been hooked ever since!

Gemma Watters

Gemma is a producer at National Public Radio and enjoys
the wonderful world of old time radio..
She hosts "The Vault."

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